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The Prescription Discount Club program aims to do its part in helping to reduce prices for those affected by escalating medical costs. The discount program is simple to implement and can accommodate groups of all sizes, all the way down to individual households.
  • A no cost prescription discount program for consumers.
  • Access to prescription discounts at over 54,000 national, regional, and local pharmacies.
  • Always receive the lower of the pharmacies retail price or the PDC discounted price.
  • All prescription drugs are included in the program.
  • Savings can range up to 20% on Brand name drugs and 70% on Generic drugs.
  • Average savings are 15% on Brand and 50% on Generic.
  • Customized web access to locate a participating pharmacy and price your prescriptions at specific pharmacy locations.
  • Review drug information and identify generic alternatives with our web tools.
  • No drug exclusions or waiting periods to access your savings.
  • No-deductibles and no maximum benefit limit.
  • Card is valid for all family members.

Prescription medication was consuming my finances until I got this card. My entire family is now utilizing it and I am pleased every time I hear about my savings. It has truly taken the pressure off in this tough economy.

Mike L.

I received this card and thought for sure it would never work. I mean it was free! I had a $53 prescription for my daughter so I walked into CVS right by my house and handed the card to the pharmacist along with my prescription. He came back and said $16. I was shocked, what could be better than that? Thanks prescription discount club!

Jerry S.

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